• Tom Lake

    By Ann Patchett (Fic Patc)

    Laura tells the story of when shared the stage & a romance with a famous actor. This story causes her daughters to re-examine their own lives, the world, and everything they thought they knew.


  • A Million Little Choices

    By Tamera Alexander (Fic Alex)

    Claire Powell's life is turned upside down when her husband accepts a partnership with an Atlanta law firm without consulting her & buys a historic Southern home sight-unseen.


  • Central Places

    By Delia Cai (Fic Cai)

    Audrey Zhou left the tiny town where she grew up and she never looked back. She moved to New York City and became the person she always wanted to be. Over the course of one disastrous week, Audrey must reexamine the connections to her roots before she undoes everything she's imagined for herself.


  • Alice Sadie Celine

    By Sarah Blakley Cartwright (Fic Blak)

    It's opening night, but it is far from glamorous! Alice is performing in a local production of The Winter's Tale, and while she doesn't have dreams of superstardom, this small town venue isn't ideal. This novel weaves the history of the relationships between three women in California.

  • Pay As You Go

    By Eskor David Johnson (Fic John)

    New to town and over-confident, Slide thought he would be living in a glossy building with a doorman and sweeping views of the skyline. Instead he's landed in a creaking, apartment with two roommates. Slide realize that he's going to have to just claim a place for himself in this world.

  • The Bee Sting

    By Paul Murry (Fic Murr)

    Where did it all go wrong? Dickie's once-lucrative car business is going under, Imelda is selling off her jewelry on eBay, their daughter Cass, seems determined to fail her final exams, and 12 year-old PJ is planning to run away from home. Is there still time to find a happy ending?


  • The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

    By James McBride (Fic McBr)

    In 1972, while workers in Pennsylvania are digging the foundation for a new development, they found a skeleton at the bottom of a well. Who was the skeleton and how it got there are two of the long-held secrets kept by the residents of Chicken Hill.


  • Yellowface

    By R.F. Kuang (Fic Kuan)

    When Athena Liu dies in a freak accident, June Hayward steals her unpublished manuscript and publishes it as her own under the ambiguous name: Juniper Song. As evidence threatens June’s stolen success, she will discover exactly how far she will go to keep what she deserves.


  • Hello Beautiful

    By Ann Napolitano (Fic Napo)

    William grew up in a house without love. When his basketball skills earn him a scholarship at a college away from his home, he takes the opportunity. There he meets and falls in love with, Julia, a spirited, ambitious young woman and family.


  • The Latinist

    By Mark Prins (Fic Prin)

    Tessa has thrived at Oxford University. With the guidance of professor, Christopher Eccles, she begins to craft a thesis for her degree. However, during the course of the novel, she learns that her trusted professor is not whom she thought he was.