• The Home Café

    By Asia Lui Chapa (641.6373 Chap)

    Cozy up to cups of coffee created in your own home. Recipes include espresso, gingerbread cold brew, matcha, blueberry lavender tea latte and herbal infusions.

  • Stone Cold Fox

    By Rachel Koller Croft (Fic Koll, eBook, eAudiobook) 

    Sometimes a wicked girl just needs her mother. Ambitious Bea scores big, marrying old money. Murderous Mother is impressed.

  • Johanna Porter is Not Sorry

    By Sara Read (Fic Read, eBook, eAudiobook) 

    Johanna paints and paints well. Johanna's artistic talent is a threat to her lover, who dastardly snarks to clientele that her work is fake. Twenty unproductive years later, Johanna is invited by his publicist daughter Pilar to Nestor's latest show where Johanna steals.

  • Going Zero

    By Anthony McCarten (Fic McCa, CD Fic McCa)

    Private company Fusion owners, in a WorldShare partnership with US government, Cy and Erika create a tech system that will detect and anticipate potential shooters. A beta contest, with a three million dollar prize, invites ten applicants to evade by 'going zero' off grid.

  • Fateful Words

    By Paige Shelton (M Shel, eAudiobook) 

    Four international guests arrive at the Cracked Spine, expecting a literary tour of Edinburgh. Bookshop owner Edwin MacAlister has gone off to London, leaving his young assistant Delaney in charge. Will murder and mayhem enlighten the identity of a guest?

  • Picture in the Sand

    By Sadeqa Johnson (Fic John, Q John, eAudiobook) 

    Qualifying for a Philadelphia Black scholarship program, Ruby is determined to be first in her family to attend college and become a doctor. Her Jewish landlord's son Shimmy falls in love with Ruby. Newly married Eleanor is barren and bereft. Will adoption gain Eleanor acceptance in an elite Black family?

  • The Lioness of Boston

    By Emily Franklin (Fic Fran, eBook) 

    Isabella Stewart Gardner is changed by marriage and her move to Boston. Shunned for her eccentric behavior, ISG becomes friends with the Arboretum gardener, with Henry James, Charles Eliot Norton, Oscar Wilde, John Singer Sargent, Whistler. ISG creates Fenway Court for the education and enjoyment of the public forever, changing Boston.

  • The Book of Cocktail Ratios: The Surprising Simplicity of Classic Cocktails

    By Michael Ruhlman (641.874 Ruhl) 

    Simplify and demystify! Ratio is key in making cocktails at home. Glassware is important but very personal. Every cocktail should have a garnish. Recipes are fundamentally defined by their ratios.

  • The London Séance Society

    By Sarah Penner (Fic Penn, Q Penn, eBook, eAudiobook) 

    Vaudelin D’Allaire, acclaimed spiritualist, and her understudy, Lenna Wickes try to unravel the mystery around the death of Lenna’s sister, Evie.

  • The League of Gentlewomen Witches

    By India Holton (Fic Holt, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Miss Charlotte Pettifer, witch, and Alex O’Riley, pirate, join forces to steal the Beryl Black amulet before it falls into the wrong hands.

  • The Puzzle Master: A Novel

    By Danielle Trussoni (Fic Trus, Q Trus) 

    Mike Brink suffers from savant syndrome after a football injury. Mike, the puzzle master, joins forces with Jess Prince, a woman in prison for murder, to solve the mystery of the God Puzzle and hunt for the truth.

  • The House on Prytania

    By Karen White (Fic Whit, Q Whit, eBook, eAudiobook) 

    Nola Trenholm purchases a haunted Creole Cottage in New Orleans. Will she and Beau Ryan be able to join forces to battle ghosts, long lost sisters, exs and a common enemy?

  • Deliciously Vintage Baking and Desserts: 60 Nostalgic Recipes That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

    By Victoria Glass (641.815 Glas) 

    Bake comforting and economical recipes from cinnamon buns to peach cobbler.