Guide to Galaxy for Teens


Welcome to Galaxy Digital, an online platform where you can register to volunteer, apply for volunteer opportunities, and track your hours!

New Teen Volunteers can now sign up to volunteer via Galaxy Digital.

If you are a returning teen volunteer, please re-fill out the online application here. Your local Teen Librarian will be in contact with your Galaxy login information.

For new volunteers to find out specific and helpful directions on how to fill out the volunteer application and begin volunteering, view one, or all, of the options below! Note: The Teen Submission Guide has a video tutorial if you don’t want to read through the guide.


If you prefer not to register on Galaxy, you are also welcome to simply apply via the regular online application linked above. Registering via Galaxy yourself just gives you immediate access to your account. If you apply via the regular online application, your local librarian will be in contact with your account information once your account has been created.


For more information

Please contact the Teen Librarian at your local branch using the form below.

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