• Easter Basket Murder

    By Leslie Meier (SC Meie)

    A collection of Easter-themed mysteries set in coastal Maine.


  • Christmas Mittens Murder

    By Lee Hollis (SC Chri)

    Three Christmas themed novellas featuring suspicious deaths in unexpected circumstances.


  • He's My Cowboy

    By Diana Palmer, Rebecca Zanetti, and Delores Fossen (SC Hess)

    Three New York Times bestselling authors celebrate America in this collection of western romances.


  • In These Hallowed Halls: A Dark Academia Anthology

    By Olivie Blake, M.L. Rio, Susie Yang, David Bell, and J.T. Ellison (SC In)

    A collection of twelve dark short stories: retribution visits a lothario lecturer; the sinister truth is revealed about a missing professor; a forsaken lover uses a séance for revenge; an obsession blooms about a possible illicit affair; two graduates exhume the secrets of a reclusive scholar.


  • Irish Coffee Murder

    By Leslie Meier (SC Iris)

    Today's top cozy mystery writers join forces for this St. Patrick's Day-themed collection set in small-town Maine.


  • Never Whistle at Night: An Indigenous Dark Fiction Anthology

    By Shane Hawk (SC Neve)

    A bold, clever, and sublimely sinister collection of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and gritty crime by both new and established Indigenous authors that dares to ask the question: "Are you ready to be un-settled?"


  • Out There Screaming: An Anthology of New Black Horror

    By Jordan Peele (SC Out)

    A cop begins seeing huge, blinking eyes where the headlights of cars should be that tell him who to pull over. Two freedom riders take a bus ride that leaves them stranded on a lonely road in Alabama where several unsettling somethings await them. These are just a few of the worlds of Out There Screaming, Jordan Peele's anthology of all-new horror stories by Black writers.


  • Fit for the Gods: Greek Mythology Reimagined

    By Jen Northington et. al. (SC Fit)

    Featuring stories by a bestselling, cross-genre assortment of some of the most exciting writers working today, an anthology of gender-bent, queered, race-bent, and inclusive retellings from the enchanting and eternally popular world of Greek myth.


  • The Scarlet Circus

    By Jane Yolen (SC Yole)

    A rakish fairy meets the real Juliet behind Shakespeare's famous tragedy. A jewelry artist travels to the past to meet a successful silver-smith. The addled crew of a ship at sea discovers a mysterious merman. More than one ignored princess finds her match in the most unlikely men. Jane Yolen's newest collection celebrates romance in all its glory.


  • Even if the Sky is Falling

    By Taj McCoy, Farah Heron, and Lane Clarke (SC Even)

    When an international warning siren accidentally goes off, convincing everyone that a meteor shower may just be the end of life as they know it, six couples--friends, exes, crushes and rivals--must take shelter. Inhibitions are abandoned, confessions are made and love blossoms, but what happens when the world doesn't end? Filled with humor, heat and hope, this riveting collection of interconnected multicultural stories.