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Leap Language Barriers with Pronunciator at the Ocean County Library

March 20, 2018

TOMS RIVER - If you plan to travel abroad, if you’re new to the US, or if you just want to increase your language fluency, the Ocean County Library creates a bridge for diversity with Pronunciator, the world’s largest digital, fully-integrated language-learning service.

Any one of Pronunciator’s 80 languages can be the start point to learn any other language in its database. ESL instruction is offered in 50 languages.  Pronunciator stores more than 30,000 useful words in each language, equal to a four-year education.

Pronunciator can be accessed via laptops, desktops and mobile devices. It follows structured, and unstructured, formats, to suit a student’s purposes.

Progress is bookmarked and synced to all devices. Lessons can be downloaded for offline study, and quizzes and scores can be exported.

ProLive allows interaction with qualified instructors in hundreds of workshops each  week, with personalized attention. ProTour offers visual cultural context for each language. ProCitizen prepares new arrivals to the US for citizenship exams, and  FreeTran translates valuable documents such as immigration records and transcripts.

Specially-marked sections introduce children as young as three years of age to the adventure of new languages.

Pronunciator offers closed captioning and accomodations for those with hearing and sight impairments.

Ocean County Library card holders have free access to Pronunciator. Register for a card at any of the Library’s  branches, or visit