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Commission Meeting Notice for January 18, 2022.

Beginning on Friday 1/14/2022, the Long Beach Island Branch will offer door-side only service from Monday-Saturday during the hours of 10:00am - 4:00pm.
  • Gingerbread

    By Helen Oyeyemi (FIC Oyey, Q Oyey)

    Perdita Lee comes from a line of women with gingerbread recipe that is not quite like any other. When she uses it to try to find her mother’s mysterious childhood friend, Gretel, it prompts an unraveling of all the family secrets.


  • Lanny

    By Max Porter (FIC Port)

    Lanny is a strange and delightful boy who captivates an entire English village. But there is someone else out there enamored of Lanny, someone who has haunted the village for generations.


  • The Bird King

    By G. Willow Wilson (FIC Wils, Q Wils)

    Fatima is a concubine on the run from the Inquisition. Her dearest friend, Hassan, is a mapmaker unlike any other; he draws maps of places he’s never seen, only to make them reality. But can his maps keep them safe?

  • The Little Shop of Found Things

    By Paula Brackston (FIC Brac)

    Xanthe and her mother Flora open a new antiques shop in a new town. But when Xanthe’s ability to touch things and sense where they came from goes a step further and transports her back in time, she might not be able to run far enough.

  • Spinning Silver

    By Naomi Novik (FIC Novi)

    Miryem is a moneylender’s daughter who has gained a reputation for being able to turn silver into gold. A talent like that can gain the attention of a lot of different people, not all of whom are friendly.

  • Eternal Life

    By Dara Horn (FIC Horn, Q Horn, CD FIC Horn)

    Rachel can’t die. Having traded away her own death, she’s being followed through the centuries by a lover she turned from long ago as she starts and leaves behind family after family.


  • Circe

    By Madeline Miller (FIC Mill, Q Mill, C FIC Mill)

    Circe, mythical daughter of Helios, is a witch forced to decide between gods and men. You might think you know this story, but it’s never been told like this before.


  • The Binding

    By Bridget Collins (FIC Coll, Q Coll)

    When Emmett Farmer is called away from home to be a Bookbinder, he is unable to refuse. Shrouded in suspicion, bookbinding has the ability to conceal secrets in the forbidden books it creates. Including secrets about Emmett himself.


  • Witchmark

    By C. L. Polk (FIC Polk)

    Miles has been hiding who he is to maintain his freedom. But when his witchmark is revealed, he’ll have a murder to solve, his family to contend with, and an intriguing stranger to lean on.


  • The Raven Tower

    By Ann Leckie (FIC Leck)

    The Raven is an old god. Providing aid for human wars has taken a toll, and the god needs worship to rebuild its strength. But there are younger, newer gods poised to take advantage of the Raven’s weakness.

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