• Hello Stranger

    By Katherine Center (FIC Cent, CD Fic Cent, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudioBook hoopla, eBook hoopla, Q Cent, PLAY Fic Cent)

    When Sadie is suddenly diagnosed with face blindness, she struggles to cope with the new reality of her life. But when she finds herself falling in love, she wonders if it is real or just a distraction from her new problems.


  • In the Likely Event

    By Rebecca Yarros (Fic Yarr, CD Fic Yarr)

    When Izzy gets on a plan to go home for the holidays, she has an immediate connection with her seatmate, Nate. However, when the plane goes down, the connection is never able to go anywhere. It is not until a dangerous reunion in Afghanistan do they find each other again.


  • Meet Me at the Lake

    By Carley Fortune (Fic Fort, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudiobook hoopla, eBook hoopla)

    When Fern finds Will at her door with a suitcase, she can’t help but remember that their timing never worked before. Now she isn’t sure she can put herself out there and trust him again.


  • Wildfire

    By Hannah Grace (Fic Fic Grav, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudiobook hoopla, eBook hoopla)

    Another sports romance from Hannah Grace, this Maple Hills novel follows Aurora and Russ who have a one steamy night together. To their surprise, they meet again at a summer camp where they both are working as counselors.


  • Romantic Comedy

    By Curtis Sittenfeld (Q Sitt, Fic Sitt, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudiobook hoopla, eBook hoopla, CD Fic Sitt)

    Sally Milz is a comedy writer thinks she has love all figured out and decides it is not for her. But when pop star, Noah Brewster comes into her life, he turns all her ideas of love upside down.


  • The Long Game

    By Elena Armas (Fic Arma, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eBook hoopla)

    Adalyn has her career life down to a science, but when an unsightly video surfaces, her boss sends her to coach a small town youth soccer team to change her image.


  • The True Love Experiment

    By Christina Lauren (Fic Laur, CD Fic Laur, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudiobook hoopla, eBook hoopla, PLAY Fic Laur, Q Laur)

    Felicity Chen is a romance author, but realizes she have never actually been in love. Connor Prince is a single father and filmmaker who needs a romantic lead for a new reality show and he has his sights set on Felicity.


  • Happy Place

    By Emily Henry (Fic Henr, CD Fic Henr, Q Henr, PLAY Fic, Henr, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudiobook hoopla)

    Harriet and Wyn broke up, but didn’t tell their friends. When it’s time for their annual friends’ vacation, they realize they need to pretend the breakup didn’t happen, who chance ruining what could be their last vacation as a group.


  • You, Again

    By Kate Goldbeck (Fic Gold, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudiobook hoopla)

    Ari and Josh could not be more different, and that’s not the only reason they hate each other. Years after meeting, and both recovering from a breakup, they decide to become friends. However, lines become easily blurred.


  • Things We Hide From the Light

    By Lucy Score (Fic Scor, Q Scor)

    When Nash Morgan’s put together chief of police persona begins to crack from panic attacks, he keeps everyone at a distance. He may be able to hide from his friends and family, but his next-door neighbor, Lina, with secrets of her own, sees right past the façade.


  • The Seven Year Slip

    By Ashley Poston (Fic Post, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, Q Post)

    Book publisher Clementine finds herself taking a detour from her carefully planned life when her feelings for a temporary roommate who lives seven years in the past.


  • Love, Theoretically

    By Ali Hazelwood (Fic Haze, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, Q Haze, PLAY Fic Haze)

    Elsie’s job as an adjunct professor doesn’t quite pay the bills. So she works as a fake girlfriend on the side. Her life works, until she is up for her dream job at MIT and on the hiring committee is the older brother of her favorite client.


  • Practice Makes Perfect

    By Sarah Adams (Fic Adam, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudiobook hoopla)

    Annie wants to find her perfect match for her quiet life in Kentucky. However, she also needs a little practice in the dating game and enlists Will, a temporary addition to her small town, to help her find the one.


  • Yours Truly

    By Abby Jimenez (Fic Jime, eAudiobook OverDrive, eBook OverDrive, eAudiobook hoopla)

    This second chance romance turns enemies to loves when Dr. Briana Ortiz not only is finalizing a divorce but also trying to find a kidney for her brother. She finds an unlikely hero is the new doctor who she immediately disliked.