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  • Summer Reads

    Kick off your summer with a relaxing summer read.

  • Read with Pride: LGBTQIA+ Books

    Catch up with the past year of LGBTQIA+ stories.

  • Short Stories

    Enjoy the long days with these short stories.

  • Jewish American Heritage

    Celebrating Jewish American authors, while learning and understanding more about Jewish American culture and traditions.

  • Self Help & Mental Health Awareness

    Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month by looking and reading inward. Since 1949, Americans have been taking the month of May to educate themselves and others about mental health. Browse fresh titles covering topics such as emotional labor, sleep, anxiety, and trauma. Then, read to improve your own story.

  • Realistic Fiction

    Realistic stories that could happen to regular people. These stories resemble our real lives, and the characters within them react in a realistic way.

  • Do You Believe in Magic?

    Whether you’re into witchcraft, dark magic, or magical realism, there is something for everyone.

  • Romance

    Love comes in all forms, celebrate love with these heartfelt stories of diverse romance.

  • Contemporary Romance

    A collection of adult contemporary romance from 2023.

  • Winter Reading

    Mix a cup of your favorite brew then snuggle up for a cozy winter read: art, family relationships, murder...and more.