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  • What Was the March on Washington?

    By Kathleen Krull (J 323.1196 Krul)

    With photographs and artwork throughout, the 1963, March on Washington is brought to life.


  • Miles Davis

    By Tamara Orr (JB Davis)

    One of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, Davis had to face down discrimination and drug addiction.


  • Mark Henry

    By Nick Gordon (JB Henry)

    Wrestler Mark Henry is considered one of the strongest men in the world, having competed in Olympic weightlifting as well as several strongest man competitions.


  • Hand in Hand: Ten Black Men who Changed America

    By Andrea Davis Pinkney (J973.0496 Pink)

    The passion, drive, and vision of ten extraordinary men leaps off the pages, inspiring the future.


  • Gabby Douglas

    By Jon M. Fishman (JB Douglas)

    At the 2012, Olympic Games in London, Gabby Douglas dominated the competition to win the gold in the women’s gymnastics all-around competition. Find out how she achieved this feat at just sixteen-years-old.


  • African Americans in the Thirteen Colonies

    By Michael Burgan (J973.0496 Burg)

    History comes to life in this gripping narrative of the life of African Americans in Colonial America.


  • Words with Wings

    By Nikki Grimes (J Grim)

    Gabby daydreams to escape her problems, but now the daydreaming is causing her problems! Finding another daydreaming friend and a teacher who develops a writing lesson around daydreams gives her the confidence to develop concrete dreams for her future.


  • When the Beat was Born: DJ Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop

    By Laban Carrick Hill (JB Kool)

    Born in Jamaica, Clive Campbell moved to the Bronx at the age of 13. He’d always wanted to be a DJ and he revolutionized the practice by adding a second turntable and chanting between tracks. Adding “Kool,” and shortening his nickname to Herc from Hercules, a hip hop legend was born.


  • Sugar

    By Jewell Parker Rhodes (J Rhod)

    After Emancipation, Sugar doesn’t see many differences in her life, but with the arrival of Chinese workers, the world-curious Sugar will have to be the bridge between old and new in her changing world.


  • Sasquatch in the Paint

    By Kareen Abdul-Jabar (J Abdu)

    Now that he’s grown six inches, everyone expects Theo to be able to play basketball; but Theo doesn’t have any skills and the time it takes to practice is taking him away from his science club..


  • P.S. Be Eleven

    By Rita Williams-Garcia (J Will)

    Fourth-grader Donavan is sensitive about the problems he has understanding math, and then when his favorite uncle, a former high school basketball star, returns from National Guard duty an amputee, Donavan's problems get worse as he struggles to accept this "new" Uncle Vic.


  • Down to the Out: The Journal of Buddy Owens

    By Walter Dean Myers (J Myer)

    Biddy Owens dreams of being a major league baseball player but though Jackie Robinson has paved the way, there is still a lot of opposition to Black players. Can he prove that he is good enough?